They have long been bred and kept as pets for decades. They come from Syria, so prefer a warm environment. Typically kind and gentle animals, they can easily be handled, however they may bite when scared. 

Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs are very gentle and friendly little animals. They originate from South America, but today's varieties are completely different from their ancestors. Keeping them does not require any special expertise and, if properly nourished and cared for, they rarely have problems.


Very nice and lovely animals from South America. They are easy to handle, but may bite when picked up. Be sure to add climbing trees and sand baths in the terrarium.


They are bred for their velvety fur, but is becoming more fashionable as a pet. They are easy to tame. They come from South America in the Andes' high altitudes, so they do not like warmth. Make sure to have sand baths available at all times.


They have been bred out of the farmyard and today we can see a variety of color variations. They can be kept in a relatively small space, and, if brought up from an early age, can be easily tamed. Their urine is highly odorous and should be cleaned daily.


Like their ancestors, they adapt very well to their environment. They can be easily tamed and taught so are more and more often regarded as pets.

Mongolian gerbils

They come from the Asian deserts and today there are several varieties of colours available. They also require sand baths and do not drink water.